Friday, June 16, 2006

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A pre-edited version of this article originally ran in a student publication on October 04, 2004, under the title " Look Outside his Box". Abu Shreek was attempting to demonstrate possible reasons for the anti-American sentiments in the Arab world, beyond the president’s explanation.

Quoting President Bush, who has simplified the anti-American sentiments in the Middle East and Arab world on various occasions by saying, “They hate our freedom!” This is an inaccurate statement as much as it is confusing. How can anybody hate freedom?! Being free is a human instinct, and there is no possible (situation) where it could be the reason for hatred.

So let’s try to disagree with the president and look outside his box. Other reasons for resentment might be the fact that American culture and values are taking over the world. Corporate America decided to expand to new markets and conquer the world. But for some reason (the relentless advertising machine), apparently people all over the world seem to be in favor of blue jeans, burgers and even frequenting their local Starbucks, so there should be no problem there. The day McDonald’s opened in Jordan, the line of cars at the drive-through window was almost six miles long. (Actually Abu Shreek ditched his engineering drawing class that day and joined the endless lines outside of McDees. Abu Shreek noticed a little girl carrying a sign that read (I Love Mcdonal), another one painted her face red and yellow. When Abu Shreek reached the counter he realized that he actually has to pay for his order (two of every item on the menu) so he cancelled it and fled the scene wondering: how could it be that so many people showed up for that junk (food), even though it was not free!!)

Maybe some people are getting uneasy with the fact that English is challenging and infiltrating the national languages, even to the point of completely replacing them as a mother tongue in some communities and circles. Well, what about the wide spread of new values and mentality that praise greed and selfishness over simple living and social compassion some socities were accustomed to?! All significant issues that are not quite enough to cause that level of resentment to America.

But this is what drives the Arab world crazy: American foreign policy.
(A few days ago), a U.N. resolution, condemning so-called "Israel" for its latest military operation against civilians in the Gaza strip and asking it to stop the offensive attacks, was presented to the Security Council. Eleven countries voted in favor, three abstained and one voted against the measure. Since that one vote was cast by the United States, which has veto power, the resolution was voted dead.
In that volatile region, the most important issue (along with the latest Iraq occupation) is the Palestinian issue. It is definitely the motive and the drive of most political actions in the Middle East. Throughout the years, dictatorship-oriented governments all over the region have used Palestine as their excuse for the lack of democracy, claiming that the priority is the Palestinian issue. The Palestinian cause has been the stated reason for most major military conflicts in the area, from Lebanon’s civil war to the Iraq-Iran war, even the 1990 Iraqi invasion (and reclamation) of Kuwait. I can guarantee that today’s fundamentalist fanatics are using it as a tool to recruit and gain support for their crazy radical groups.
(The past few days) have featured even more large-scale military (Zionist) operations against civilians living in refugee camps. The (Zionist) army is using the same old claim that militants are hiding in residential areas. These operations leavesdozens of dead civilians, of whom very few are what (Zionists) consider “activists.” Many civilians, including children, already live in miserable conditions forced by the occupation forces, and as if that is not enough, they now have to suffer the destruction of their homes and even the loss of their lives and the lives of their loved ones. The Palestinians have realized since 1990 that the peace process is the only way to resolve their issues, and they kept seeking the support of the international community to push the (Zionist State) back to the negotiation table and to rejuvenate the stalling peace process. But if you were the (so-called) “Israel”, with the mighty military power and the unlimited American support, (especially in an election year), why would you want to negotiate? Why would you be even interested in a peace process?

(Every reader is to be sure) that “Israel” represents the No. 1 threat to the stability of the Middle East and to the world as a whole. It is a “country” that does not abide by international law and continuously violates U.N. resolutions (224, 338, 193 as examples) with no consequences whatsoever. It is well-documented that “Israel” has maintained programs for the production and development of weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons, since the 1960s. The world is watching Israel commit genocide against Palestinians, and nobody can even issue a condemning statement. The European Union (considered at a time) enforcing a boycott on “Israel” ,(on the same basis of that issued against the racist South African apartheid government during the 1980s), while the United States continues its blind support for Israel, accepting the claims of “fighting terrorists” and “absence of peace partner” while a complete population of Palestinians is being exterminated.
The best approach for America to gain acceptance in the Middle East is not by starting propaganda radio and TV stations and definitely not by occupying more Arab countries (after all they already control them all), but by changing its blatant discrimination policies in the region.

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