Saturday, May 27, 2006

Profile: The Valet Driver

Overworked,underpaid and still broke.

On weekends, Rhadames worked for a valet-service agency. A decent and relatively comfortable college job, that provided supplemental income to his other two part-time jobs (Substitute teacher and little-league umpire).
His boss would call him during the week to assign the time and location of the coming event. Private parties, fund raisers, church masses, weddings, or any other crowded rich-folks gathering. Rhadames was getting paid around minimum wage plus tips, but the question was:

“How does your boss make his money?”

“He takes the reservations on the phone and charges 25 dollars an hour per driver.”

“WHAT?! So you earn 25 an hour, but he gives you six?!”

“Yeah, but he owns the agency.”

“What does he own? A phone, a few connections, and YOU?!!”

“He has to buy a big insurance policy to protect the cars.”

“You are driving at 10 mph max, What’s the worse that could happen? Do you realize that he is stealing your money?”

“I like the job, I can do some reading during waiting times, and it is better than flipping burgers.”

“But he is giving you six fucking dollars while pocketing nineteen!!”

“Actually he is a very nice guy. On slow-tip nights he pays us extra to make sure we are making at least nine an hour.”

“He is charging twenty five for god’s sake.”

“That’s business.”

“That’s theft.”

“You are a stupid commi.”

“Do you have ten bucks till the end of the week?”

Somewhere, K. Marx was listening and immediately began readjusting surplus value theories to accommodate small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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